Do you have schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a disease that is characterized by a range of unusual behavior. Like many mental illnesses the cause is poorly understood. Most people who are diagnosed are shocked, angry and confused along with their families. Being one of the most well known mental illnesses, people who have the symptoms are often very concerned.

If you feel like you may have schizophrenia, consider taking this quiz. Although it should not be used as a diagnostic tool it could help you in finding out if you have it or not. This test is composed of 35 detailed questions based on the symptoms of schizophrenia. Some of the symptoms of schizophrenia can also be the symptoms of other mental illnesses.

Created by: Monty Python
  1. Do you have magical powers that no one else has?
  2. Have you ever seen or heard something that no one else has?
  3. Have you ever had disorganized speech?
  4. Are people spying on you or out to get you, but no one believes you?
  5. Has anyone ever told you that you have a lack of emotion?
  6. Do you have very hard time to socialize with people?
  7. Do you have a lack of interest in things?
  8. Do you spend most of your day alone?
  9. Do you have a hard time keeping friends, or have a lack of desire to make friends?
  10. Do you have a hard time speaking?
  11. Are people against you because of your special abilities?
  12. Do you ever have a hard time smiling or showing facial expression?
  13. Have you ever suffered from insomnia or over sleeping?
  14. Do you ever pace for long periods of time?
  15. Do you ever stay in bed or sit down for extreme periods of time?
  16. Have you ever had unusual movements?
  17. Have you ever felt nothing at all?
  18. Do you ever suffer from hypersensitivity to criticism, insults, or hurt feelings
  19. Do you ever suffer from sudden irritability, anger, hostility, resentment
  20. Do you ever suffer from depression feeling discouraged and hopeless about the future
  21. Do you ever suffer from low motivation, energy, and little or no enthusiasm
  22. Have you ever had suicidal thoughts, or have attempted suicide?
  23. Do you ever suffer from severe anxiety?
  24. Does your mood ever change rapidly for no reason?
  25. Have you ever dropped out or quit anything important to you for no reason such as school, work, club, etc?
  26. Do you ever replay conversations out loud?
  27. Do you ever stay in the same position for hours?
  28. Is it very difficult for you to deal with stressful situations?
  29. Do you often think about past disappointments, missed opportunities, or failed relationships?
  30. Do you ever make up words or string unrelated words together?
  31. Are you Jesus, God, or the Antichrist(please no joke answers)
  32. Is a celebrity or unlikely person in love with you, even though no one believes you?
  33. Last question: Do you have a special mission, or purpose, or you are a unrecognized genius or famous person, but no one believes you?

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Quiz topic: Do I have schizophrenia?