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  • b---- 91% hahaha This is not good

    Meow meow1589 Nov 13 '18, 3:24AM
  • 58% I think I have schizophrenia but I’m scared to tell my parents.

    niamhsaran Jun 12 '18, 4:08AM
  • I got 72%. I believe im schizophrenic but theres no psychiatrists here in my place :(

    JunjunX May 13 '16, 9:40PM
  • 59%
    From your answers it seems slightly possible that you have schizophrenia. You shouldn't worry much, but if you're scared you should go to a psychiatrist.

    Ransomed Sep 1 '15, 7:27PM
  • I have schizophrenia and I got 44%. These questions are a little... Odd. I mean, a secret mission? Seriously?

    ProfessorTot Jul 6 '15, 1:50PM
  • 92% great

    sydneysixx91 Apr 16 '15, 1:34PM
  • i have schizophrenia this quiz is dumb giving me 24% just because i'm stable

    fubar Dec 2 '14, 9:42PM
  • i got 50% but and i know its hereditary and my grandpa has it and my brother thinks he does

    MrMac Nov 10 '14, 9:16PM
  • I am 72% likely to have schizophrenia. I should probably go to the doctor's to get tested for it before I truly believe whether or not I actually have schizophrenia. But I kind of believe that maybe I might actually have it, which kind of makes me worry.

    unicornboy Oct 29 '14, 11:51AM
  • 9%

    12thAngel Aug 13 '14, 3:13AM
  • There's a difference between Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    KayD Feb 6 '14, 3:44PM
  • I got 91% in this test
    :( I think I have schizophrenia but no one will believe me
    Please help me

    Goldellie Dec 14 '13, 5:59PM
  • I'm 90% likely to schizophrenia... o.o meep but...but...but...l ol doctors are terrible people who just like to poke at you and tell you you are fine and lie to you even though you're not fine...don't ever go!!

    pinkiepielover Apr 29 '13, 7:23PM
  • 32%, i might act schizo....sometimes ....

    WrentheWrockstar Sep 3 '12, 7:29PM
  • 85% I have paranoid schizophrenia

    xXxcheNeexXx Feb 20 '12, 8:31PM
  • 85% I have paranoid schizophrenia

    xXxcheNeexXx Feb 20 '12, 7:34PM
  • 86% *sigh*

    XXXkilljoyXXX Jan 7 '12, 11:31PM
  • 8% lol

    DarthVader Oct 11 '11, 8:00PM
  • 28%, heh, well that's good. My uncle's schizophrenic. xP

    Anastasia Oct 9 '11, 9:51PM
  • 1% thats really suprising:')

    jaaderz Oct 5 '11, 11:37AM
  • 46 percent

    Chanelle123abc Oct 3 '11, 10:31PM
  • 48%

    MalorieMoon Oct 1 '11, 1:59PM

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