What type of Schizophrenia do you have?

Have you ever wondered if you could have schizophrenia? Take this quiz and find out if you could have Schizophrenia, schizoaffective, schizotypal or schizoid disorder!

Do you see or hear things others don't? Do you believe everyone is plotting against you or talking about you behind your back? Do you have difficulty creating coherent sentences? Are you losing touch with reality? If yes, then you could have a schizophrenia-related disorder. Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Steph
  1. Do you often see/hear/taste/feel or smell things that are not there, and nobody else can?
  2. Do you think people are watching you or out to get you? (For example, cameras everywhere, government looking for you, powerful people reading your messages etc)
  3. Do you often feel depressed, sad or unhappy?
  4. Do you have magical thinking and odd beliefs? (Eg, believing in aliens, paranormal, sixth sense, telepathy, magic etc)
  5. How motivated are you?
  6. What do people usually say you are?
  7. How do you see reality?
  8. What do your conversations usually consist of?
  9. What would you most likely get suspended from school for?
  10. Is sleep important to you?
  11. Anxiety levels?
  12. Have you ever been told you have a lack of emotion?
  13. Do you have special powers that no one else has/can explain?
  14. Do you ever become suddenly irritable, angry, hostile and resentful?
  15. Are you an unrecognised celebrity or important person? Or are you on a secret mission?
  16. Do you ever make up words or string unrelated words together and your speech sounds unclear?
  17. Do you find it difficult to make/keep new friends?
  18. Do have any interest in making new friends?
  19. Do you have disorganised thinking? (Racing thoughts etc)
  20. Last question: Do you have a purpose or special mission, but nobody believes you?

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Quiz topic: What type of Schizophrenia do I have?