Do you have schizophrenia?

There are many people in this world who don't have a mental illness and should be aware of those who do. Somebody with schizophrenia has a brain disease that can cause psychotic breaks from reality.

Do you have schizophrenia? Do you qualify for a diagnosis of schizophrenia? Until now you can only hope you don't have it. This is not a diagnosis!!!!!

Created by: sweetypop134

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  1. Do you hear or see things that aren't there?
  2. Do you hear voices in your head that tell you to do bad things?
  3. Do you have misleading and false beliefs?
  4. Do you have a lack of emotion?
  5. Do you have a lack of motivation?
  6. Do you have suicidal thoughts?
  7. Have you ever attempted or commited self harm?
  8. Do you have disorganized speech?
  9. Do you ever pace for long periods of time?
  10. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  11. Do you have mood shifts a lot?
  12. Do you believe that you have magical powers or special abilities that no one else has?
  13. Do you have problems sleeping?
  14. Are you paranoid?
  15. Are you psychotic?
  16. Do you believe that people are out to get you?
  17. Do you worry that people are saying bad things about you?
  18. At times do you feel nothing at all?
  19. Do you believe that you can communicate with spiritual or extraterrestrial creatures?
  20. Do you feel a decreased need for sleep at times?
  21. Do you feel restless and energetic at times?
  22. Do you feel mentally ill?
  23. Do you feel lazy a majority of the time?
  24. Do you have a certain routine that you do every single day?
  25. Do you believe that other people know your thoughts?
  26. Do you have intrusive thoughts?
  27. Do you have racing thoughts often?
  28. Are you irritable?
  29. Do you have a lack of interest in social games or activities?
  30. Do you believe that you have a special mission in life?
  31. Are you anxious?
  32. Do you have phobias?
  33. Do you certain things, looks, noises, or sounds really bother you?
  34. Do you struggle with things most other people your age are good at?
  35. Are you so intelligent that people envy you?
  36. Are you quiet and reserved?
  37. Do you have homicidal thoughts?
  38. Are you violent?
  39. Do you oversleep or have problems sleeping?
  40. Do you experience severe rage?
  41. Are you depressed?

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Quiz topic: Do I have schizophrenia?