What Mental Illness Are You?

Hey, we're all at least a little crazy. But what kind of crazy? This quiz is designed to take your personality and choices and match you up with your specific type.

Do you want to know what mental illness are you? This quiz will tell you. Of course just HOW mental you are...well you'll have to judge that for yourself.

Created by: artemisbrave
  1. When you wake up on the morning, you...?
  2. When you leave to go to work you...?
  3. Your co-workers are...?
  4. Your boss...?
  5. For lunch you have...?
  6. In the evening you...?
  7. Your friends...?
  8. Your shrink says...?
  9. Your favorite ice cream is...?
  10. Your favorite color is...?

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Quiz topic: What Mental Illness am I?