What's your Mental Illness?

Well when we think of mental illness, we think of really crazy people who do the darnest of things. But not all mental illnesses are like that and even Dislexia or ADD ( learning problems) are a common mental illnesses, but people with those arent exactly crazy.

Well You want to learn about mental illnesses? well you have come to the right... uh quiz! remember that this quiz is just for fun and you WILL end up with a mental illness in the end regarless of weather you HAVE a mental illness. It's just a fun quiz made by a 12-year-old who loves to learn about things like this. HOWEVER if you truly, TRUELY do believe that you have a mental illness then please contact your health provider!

Created by: Sarah
  1. Ok those first to questions don't count, I think when people make them effect the results because age and gender should NOT effect you answer!
  2. Ok now to begin. what's one thing that you probibly can't go on without doing in your daily life.
  3. Pick an ideam please.
  4. Be honest. What's a Flaw about yourself?
  5. Ture Or False. You Like To Move Things Around Till Their Perfect.
  6. Do You Feel As If People Pay To Much Attention To You? Or As If They Only See You Flaws?
  7. DO You Get Bad Grades? be Honest, I don't think anybodys seeing your answers right now so you can be totally honest.
  8. You Tend To Stick With The Same Number When Doing Anything Or Somethings.
  9. Does Your Mind Wander Off To Strange Questions Or Thoughts? such as Why Do We Even Wear Clothes In Summer? Or If They World Is Upside Down, Then Why Don't we Float Into The Sky When The Earth Is Upside-Down?
  10. Have You ever bin stalked? or bothered by somebody online? does it happen alot? do poeple KEEP stalking you?
  11. Do You Have Constant Nightmares that bring back scary or strange memories?

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Quiz topic: What's my Mental Illness?