Purely Obsessional OCD Self Test.

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Purely Obsessional Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (also called Pure-O and Pure Obsessional OCD)For people that have Pure-O, they do not usually have signs of compulsions like the typical OCD, but ritualizing and neutralizing behaviors do take place, they are almost entirely in the form of excessive mental rumination.

Remember, this self test is NOT a professional diagnosis but merely a self test for people that are worried about having this mental illness and for further concern please see a professional who can help you and give you an official diagnosis.

Created by: Anonymous182
  1. Would you have an excessive concern over someone's well-being marked specifically by guilt over believing they have harmed or might harm someone.
  2. Do you have recurrent doubt over one's sexual orientation, that it becomes current intrusive thought?
  3. Do you constant fear of violently harming oneself or loved ones or persistent worry that one is a pedophile and might harm a child?
  4. Do you have recurrent intrusive thoughts or impulses revolving around blasphemous and sacrilegious themes?
  5. Do you have consistent fears of having or contracting a disease through seemingly impossible means or mistrust of a diagnostic test?
  6. Do you have obsessive thoughts to the tune of "How do I know this is real love?" "How do I know he/she is the one?" "Am I attracted enough to this person?" or "Am I in love with this person, or is it just love?" The agony of attempting to arrive at certainty leads to an intense and endless cycle of anxiety because it is impossible to arrive at a definite answer.
  7. How long would you obsess about a certain intrusive situation trying to understand why you are thinking about it so much?
  8. Do you feel that these thoughts or intrusions effect your everyday life?
  9. Do you feel anxiety or panic attacks when you have these thoughts?
  10. Have you ever found a solution for thinking this way?

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