How do other people steriotype you?

Yes, yes, we all steriotype. You know you do. Theye are lots of steriotypes, Freak, Popular, In betweenie, stuff like that. People will classify you every day, just like you classify people every day. Of course, this is purely on general plains of steriotypeing.

Even wonder how people see you? Wonder why people look at you funny? Or even at all? Just take this quiz to see in a few short seconds, how people really see you. This is purely general of course.

Created by: Mindy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Supose you're on the internet talking to someone. How do you type?
  2. You're in a store. What do you buy?
  3. You're on a date. What's going through your mind?
  4. What kind of make-up do you wear day-to-day?
  5. What sort of books do you read?
  6. What region of the states *if the states* do you live in?
  7. What is your favourite colour?
  8. Which is your favourite pants to wear?
  9. How many times do you purposefully look in the mirror a day?
  10. Which movie would you rather watch?

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