Do You Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to compulsive behaviors. Luckily for you, this quiz is going to accurately tell you whether you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or not!

Have you been waiting for an accurate OCD diagnosis? This is the right quiz to take! Do you have OCD or not? Take this quiz now to find out if you actually do have OCD!

Created by: PrettySprinkles
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  1. If you accidentally touch an object once, what do you do?
  2. Do you ever find yourself having to check the door to see if it's locked? (Explain)
  3. Imagine the tile on the floor being just a little uneven, how do you feel?
  4. When you're talking, do you ever find yourself repeating yourself? If so, please explain how often!
  5. Are there certain objects that you will not touch, because you fear that you'll have to keep touching them?
  6. Do you ever have to repeatedly check your purse or wallet to make sure that you didn't drop any money out? (Explain)
  7. How would you explain your hand washing routine?
  8. Do you ever have to repeat certain behaviors such as locking the doors, checking stoves, and checking light switches? If so, how many times do you have to check them in order to relieve your anxiety?
  9. How do you feel about uneven numbers?
  10. When someone touches your arm, do you get the urge to touch their arm back?
  11. Is there a specific number that you avoid, because of the fear of bad luck?
  12. Do you ever get unwanted thoughts? If so, how often do you get these thoughts?
  13. Do you ever clean objects over and over, even though they are already clean?

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