Which Mental Disorder Do You Have?

This is a test to loosely determine if your personality seems to line up with identified symptoms of various mental disorders, however slight or serious your particular answer may be.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PSYCHIATRIST, ET CETERA. Do not seriously consider your result unless you genuinely feel that this is a correct assessment of your mental health!

Created by: Marilyn Spears
  1. You walk through an alley and see a man lying on the ground with a bullethole in his head. What do you do?
  2. Let's take a look in the mirror. What do we see?
  3. You arrive to school and your friends aren't paying you the usual attention that you get.
  4. Pick One:
  5. Let's Go To...
  6. Pick an animal, please.
  7. Are you bored of this quiz?
  8. What Would You Like To Drink?
  9. You have something on your face.
  10. So, now we're done!

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Quiz topic: Which Mental Disorder do I Have?