Schyzophrenia Disorder

Not many people have Schizophrenia, but those who do have very bad hallucination. They often hear voices that others can not. they also suffer through paranoia and believe many people are out to get them.

Do you have any of these symptoms? Do you think you may have Schizophrenia? talk to your doctor for more information to find out what you can do to control this psychological disorder.

Created by: Joey

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  1. Do you believe everybody is lying to you?
  2. Do you see, taste, feel, or smell things others do not?
  3. Do you ever have a disorganized speech or behavior?
  4. Do you ever lose interest in everyday activities?(Bathing, grooming, getting dressed, ect.)
  5. Do you ever feel out of touch with other people, family, or friends?
  6. Do you have a lack of feeling or emotion?
  7. Do you have little emotion or inappropiate feelings in certain situations?
  8. Do you have a less ability of feeling pleasure?
  9. Do you have powers that others dont know about?
  10. Are you Jesus, God, or Anichrist? (answer honestly)

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