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This quiz seeks to determine which political ideology your opinions on social and economic issues conform to so that you can better understand how your opinions relate to and line up to some conventional conceptions of governance.

The following ideologies have been omitted and will not be measured: Centrism (due to its non-descript universality), Mercantilism (Defunct), Absolutism (Defunct), Feudalism (Defunct), Liberal Socialist Syndicalism (Defunct), Anarchism (Defunct), Green politics (too issue specific) and Theocracy(it is too Religion specific).

Created by: Roh Tae Woo
  1. To what degree should the Market be Nationalized?
  2. Should Income tax be lowered?
  3. Which of these positions should be the head of state.
  4. Bureaucracy is inefficient, especially compared to democracy.
  5. Schools should be Nationalized
  6. Corporations should be taxed less
  7. The welfare state should be made smaller.
  8. Which healthcare system do you think is best?
  9. Is migration societally beneficial or detrimental.
  10. Should our country be more protectionist?
  11. How great is your country?
  12. How important is religion?
  13. Are international alliances a force for good?
  14. Should corporations be regulated more?
  15. What should the policy on abortion be?
  16. Should people work longer hours?
  17. How should we deal with unemployment
  18. The best way to deal with Trafficking of elicit substances is: (recreational)
  19. Respect for authority is positive
  20. Greater collective happiness outweighs an individual's rights.
  21. What should we do about trade unions?
  22. When is inequality most justified?
  23. is it right for large sums of wealth to be inherited?
  24. When is involvement in foreign war justified?
  25. Should more talented people be rewarded to incentivize them to contribute to society
  26. It is important for our leaders to be spiritual people.
  27. Utilitarianism is a terrible ideology.
  28. The public at large is well educated and therefore competent to decide its own fate
  29. The Education system in my country must be less broad, and more specialized.
  30. We should increase excise tax on alcohol as it is hurtful to the public.
  31. What should the policy on capital punishment be?
  32. What should our National service policy be?
  33. The internet and big tech need to be regulated less
  34. If a corporation receives more money, what should it do with the new money?
  35. How should civilian firearms be controlled?
  36. How should we gain knowledge about how to come up with more policies?
  37. Which of these countries is or was governed most effectively?
  38. what is the biggest reason for Why Communist countries collapsed?
  39. The head of state should have more executive powers
  40. I identify as
  41. Which of these countries posed or poses the biggest threat to world peace?
  42. Ensuring the traditional nuclear family is not broken up is key to a functioning society.
  43. Imagine your country had a king, are you in favor of this?
  44. The retirement age should be increased.
  45. Which of the following is most important to a society?

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