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Directions: This survey will give you an idea of where you fall on the political ideology spectrum. Read each statement. Then decide if you AGREE or DISAGREE with that statement.

Try to respond to each statement as best you can. If you are unsure of your response, try to pick the side that you "lean" more in favor of. This survey gives only a general picture of your political ideology, so it's OK if you are a bit unsure.

Created by: Matt Shipp
  1. The best way to improve the economy is to have fewer laws that tell business owners how to run their businesses (in other words, there should be LESS government control over businesses).
  2. Taxes should be raised to make sure that the government makes more than it spends. This would help lower the national debt.
  3. One way to make sure that the government makes more than it spends is to cut spending on health, education and welfare.
  4. We should ensure that the federal government does not spend too much money by reducing the amount of money that goes to the military.
  5. The government should not make laws to help improve the environment if it means that people will lose jobs. People come before nature!
  6. The government should raise taxes on wealthy people and big businesses. These people have enough money to spar, so they can afford to pay more.
  7. Public schools are the best way to educate students and the government should do more to support them. Private schools are fine for those who can afford them, but the government should not give money to help parents send their kids to private schools.
  8. The federal government should give less money to help people go to college. If people want to go to college, they should get the money on their own.
  9. The government should NOT make laws that help minorities get jobs or get into college. All people should be treated the same, regardless of the consequences.
  10. The Constitution should have an amendment saying that women are equal to men.
  11. Kids should be able to attend the school that is nearest to their homes. The government should NOT make laws requiring schools to have more of a racial mix in their student populations.
  12. The government should limit the number of guns that a citizen can purchase.
  13. The death penalty should be outlawed in the United States. It is a cruel and inhumane way to punish people.
  14. The United States government should pass more laws and spend more money to stop illegal immigration.
  15. The United States should punish "unfriendly" countries, such as Iran and North Korea, by cutting off trade with them, instead of going to war with them.
  16. Nuclear weapons are a threat to humans and the environment. We should do all we can to get rid of all nuclear weapons.
  17. The best way to protect the United States is to have a powerful military. More tax money should be spent on building up the strength of our armed forces.
  18. The U.S. should protect American companies and American jobs by raising taxes on goods that are made in other countries.
  19. The death penalty is a legal and just form of punishment. If a person commits a serious or violent crime, the courts should have the option to sentence the convicted criminal to death.
  20. Changes in global temperatures are natural over long periods of time. So far, science cannot prove that humans cause permanent changes to the Earth's temperature.
  21. The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to purchase and own guns. The government should not pass laws limited gun ownership. Gun control laws don't stop criminals; they would just ignore the laws anyway.
  22. There are millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance. These people are being denied the right to have basic medical care. The government should do more to help people get health care, even if it means raising taxes.
  23. People who enter the United States illegally often do so because they want a better life for their kids. The U.S. government should do more to help these people and make it easier for them and their families to become U.S. citizens.
  24. Taxes allow the government to help citizens, provide services and create jobs. There are many people in our nation who cannot survive on their own and need help from the government. We cannot afford to lower taxes.
  25. If a person enters the United States illegally, they they have broken the law and should be treated as a criminal. The government should not waste tax money by giving these people things like education and health care.
  26. The government should pass more laws to protect the environment and stop global warming. If a business does something to hurt the environment, that business should be punished.

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