How much do you agree with me politically?

This is a summary of my political beliefs, with true or false buttons under each statement. You are to choose "true" or "false" depending on if you agree with the statement. The answer "Klingon" is there for s---s and giggles. Please refrain from giggling and s---ting.

I do not speak for a political party, nor do I claim allegiance to one. Many issues were probably left unmentioned, due to the fact that I am terrible at making more than 25 points at a time. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions as to which political party I should join, please say so.

Created by: Tritanope
  1. Let's start with social issues. All genders are equal, but women have been historically oppressed due to capitalism and its family structures, child rearing playing an important role in holding women back.
  2. Abortion is the woman in question's choice. However, it is necessary to implement systems which eliminate some of the causes for abortion, such as economic means to help those who want children but cannot care for them.
  3. The capitalist system creates its own destruction by pushing the working class further downward.
  4. Leon Trotsky is a good historical figure to look up to.
  5. Stalin turned back many of the social, political, and economic advances made by Lenin and Trotsky.
  6. The State is merely another form of class system, the ruling vs. those who have no power. When the lower classes take power and destroy the conditions of class antagonism, it will have abolished its own supremacy as a class. The State will be no more.
  7. Land and other natural resources are not something one can own and trade.
  8. Right of inheritance must be abolished.
  9. Taxes should be hard and progressive. (nearing 100%)
  10. The means of production should be owned by the workers.
  11. All are liable to work- "From each according to ability, to each according to need."
  12. Education should be free for all and made public (but of course improved, not shoddy).
  13. Non-straight and those who don't fit the gender binary should have the same rights as those who are straight and do fit the gender binary.
  14. Human rights are not something to be debated- you support them, or you don't.
  15. While supporting equal human rights, do not blindly accept causes which only turn back the fight for rights instead of forwarding it, such as the "right" to be an oppressive factory owner.
  16. We should support political causes with the working class in mind.
  17. Belief in a god is okay, but religion is not, and beliefs should not come into contact with politics.
  18. Drugs and alcohol should be legal but controlled.
  19. Only guns for purposes like hunting should be legal, others that exist only to kill in mass numbers should not.
  20. Corporations should be banned.
  21. When we have no incentive for inequality and unfairness, it will die out as obsolete.
  22. Animals and the environment must be protected (what else will we live off of, money?).

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Quiz topic: How much do I agree with me politically?