Which political ideology do you support? (India)

This political quiz is based only on Social issues and doesn't take one's views on Economics and Foreign Policy. It's hard to make political quizzes in India because of the sheer amount of political parties.

This quiz will merely slap a label on you based on your answers exactly like it's done in India. I will try to add other questions if I get any suggestions.

Created by: Hilal Vivaan
  1. Should the Ram Temple be built in Ayodhya?
  2. What is the solution to the Kashmir Dispute?
  3. Are affirmative actions and quotas good systems which ensure equality for the disadvantaged?
  4. Should there be laws regarding sex or public display of affection between two consenting adults?
  5. Should India have an Uniform Civil Code?
  6. Should Beef be banned in India?
  7. What are your thoughts on the National Register of Citizens (NRC)?
  8. Should refugees fleeing from persecution be allowed in India?
  9. Should the government censor speech, media, internet?
  10. Do you think Love Jihad is as social problem?

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Quiz topic: Which political ideology do I support? (India)