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Asia is the world's largest continent, in both size and population. The economies of the countries here are growing rapidly, and glistening cities now dot the landscape. Below you will find our quizzes on Asia and the countries within.


Our Asia Quizzes

  • How Asian Are You?
    [by: Sun, rated: rated: 2.7/5, published: Nov 1, 2006]

    Many people look one nationality on the outside but are a different one on the inside. Do think Asian culture is way more cool that your own? Do you look in…

Afghanistan Quizzes

  • How Afghan Are You
    [by: Wazhma, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Apr 26, 2007]

    We all hear about Afghan pride, but do any of us know what it means to be a true Afghan? As Americans living in America we have much more in common than most…

Armenia Quizzes

  • How Armenian Are You
    [by: Sarah, rated: rated: 3.11/5, published: Apr 3, 2007]

    There are many Armenians in the world, but only a few true ones. Just spend a minute answering a questions about Armenian history and see what you score.

China Quizzes

  • How much do you know about Ancient China?
    [by: Ancient China, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Sep 15, 2012]

    "In the second millennium B.C.E. a civilization based on irrigation agriculture arose along the valley of the Yellow River and its tributaries in northern…

India Quizzes

  • How Much Do You Know About Indian States?
    [by: itsquiz, rated: rated: 3.23/5, published: Dec 23, 2014]

    Test your geographical knowledge with this quiz on the states of India.

  • Do You Have Knowledge Of India?
    [by: akshra, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Jan 2, 2015]

    Do you have any knowledge on India? If you have it then you have to compulsory play this game. Let's test how much you love your India. Not only Indian people…

Japan Quizzes

  • What kind of Japanese warrior are you?
    [by: Exposed, rated: rated: 3.99/5, published: Apr 22, 2017]

    During the Sengoku period of Japan, which lasted roughly from the late 1400s to the mid 1600s, a great number of Japanese barons and feudal lords vied for…

  • How well do you know Japanese Culture?
    [by: Kaori, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Jun 26, 2009]

    Japan- the archipelago nation in the north pacific with an exotic culture. It's gotten a lot of culture from the west lately with its technological…

  • How Japanese Are You?
    [by: Someone, rated: rated: 3.35/5, published: Jun 19, 2006]

    There are many people who think that they are Japanese. But are you SURE?? Take this Japanese test, and see if you are a true Japanese. Do you know the…

Pakistan Quizzes

  • How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)
    [by: aunty, rated: rated: 3.97/5, published: Apr 10, 2007]

    We all know that Pakistan is the hottest thing around. And everyone wants to claim some Pakistan in their genes! But we need something to separate the wheat…

Thailand Quizzes

  • How Thai are you?
    [by: Jeri, rated: rated: 3.37/5, published: Feb 19, 2007]

    Do you like Thai food and culture? Have you ever visited Thailand? Have you ever lived there? Thai food is increasing in cuisine popularity with Thai dishes…

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