How Afghan Are You

We all hear about Afghan pride, but do any of us know what it means to be a true Afghan? As Americans living in America we have much more in common than most of us realize.

Now, pour yourself some chai, kick off your shoes, take a deep breath, search within your soul and take this test to find out how Afghan you really are!

Created by: Wazhma
  1. You entered the United States
  2. The taxicab company in your city is run by your
  3. You are leaving on a road trip and your mother chases you
  4. To greet another Afghan woman you must
  5. The Quran in your house
  6. Most of your relatives who are visiting Afghanistan
  7. The warmest blankets at your mom's house...
  8. When you were a child you remember getting christmas presents from
  9. Your mom's favorite picnic snack to pack was...
  10. Your trip to the flea market
  11. The unopened box of candy in your house
  12. Your dad is yelling on the phone because...
  13. Tea is served in your house
  14. The last time your family prayed together was
  15. You eat rice as part of your meal
  16. Most of the afghan weddings you've been to
  17. Your extended family
  18. Your rent for your brand new house is
  19. The palau isn't good when
  20. True or False: You eat candy to celebrate an engagement and you throw candy at the bride and groom to celebrate the wedding
  21. The word "spun" means
  22. The local "Enginyar Saib" is
  23. Welfare is

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