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  • I got 35! I didn't know what a couple of words meant tho

    EmmaEmma Mar 27 '15, 1:11AM
  • ha ha I got 22%

    wolvesrule65318 Jul 15 '13, 6:21AM
  • Woah 43% I live in England not bloody Afghanistan. Jeez I've never even been on hols there go England Lolz. :P

    Chloe12 May 23 '13, 12:46PM
  • Good quiz! PS Obamadog needs to learn that there are other respectable cultures and people than just "pure" Americans.

    sara63 Feb 15 '11, 4:38PM
  • 66% afghan and 84% terrorist on an other quiz,i'm originly british but born in france.

    danburita012 May 13 '10, 4:02AM
  • Ha! I Got 0% Because I'm 100% American! USA USA USA!!! And if anyone can't respect that, then leave this site because this is an American Website.

    Obamadog Apr 16 '09, 6:17PM
  • 36% tht s good i dont know nothing out it

    Yumiki Dec 20 '08, 2:30AM

  • That was nice an funny but it would be better to say how Kabuli are also most quesition doesnt apply to me still very good.

    pal Feb 21 '08, 7:38AM
  • I enjoyed your quiz. I need to add, that for me for some
    questions "none of the above applied as well". Very cute
    and funny.

    kiyan_samei Jan 19 '08, 8:59PM
  • Hi,
    Your "how Afghan are you" quiz was excellent. I enjoyed it very much and it made me laugh. To my surprise, I was only 90% Afghan and that's because to me most of the answers should have had an "all of the above" choice for answer. Too bad, that "all of the above" was not one of the choices or I would have scored 100%!
    Keep up the good work.

    gulalai Jan 12 '08, 11:56AM
  • i think its a nice way to find out how afghan u are!! i like it... i agree with masto the quiz should've had more different questions!!

    dina1 Dec 6 '07, 4:03PM
  • lol cute poll..but it would had been nice if there were more questions..but very cute =]

    masto Oct 5 '07, 10:43PM

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