Would Denki Kaminari Date You

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This quiz is based off of a hit anime called 'My Hero Academia'. Denki Kaminari is a young man with no fear. He loves his friends and will help anyone. He's a little crazy but in a good way trust me.

If you liked my quiz go ahead and take some of my other ones! :) If you got a bad result then I'm sorry :( don't hold it against me. Kaminari will always love you whether it's as a friend or as a lover :)

Created by: Jamie Black
  1. You and Denki are alone and he asks you if you like anyone. You..
  2. Mr. Aizawa makes an assignment where you have to work on it with a partner, but you can choose your own partners. Who do you choose?
  3. You and Kaminari are at the movies. What genre is the movie?
  4. Kaminari asks to hang out with you. What do you guys do?
  5. You and Kaminari are seen kissing by Midoriya. You..
  6. Kaminari try's to plays a prank on you by hiding in your closet to scare you. You walk into your room, not noticing him and start to change your clothes. Still not fully clothed, you see blood coming from your closet door. Kaminari developed a nose bleed from watching you. You..
  7. You see Kaminari kiss another girl. You..
  8. Kaminari died on a mission. How do you get over it?(That came off a little rude somehow O-o)
  9. You hear Kaminari singing in the shower. Is it good or bad?
  10. As Kaminari is singing in the shower. What do you do?

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