Would Ejiro Kirishima Date You

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This quiz is based off of a hit anime called 'My hero Academia'. In this quiz it will determine if Ejiro Kirishima would date you. Answer the questions wisely. If he rejects you don't be sad, you have food.

Kirishima is a high school student that will warm up to anyone who talks to him, he loves all his friends and his MaNLy nESs. Thanks for checking out my quiz, after this go look for my other quiz called 'Would Tamaki Amajiki Date You' !

Created by: Jamie Black
  1. Kirishima invited you over to hang out with him and his friends. You..
  2. Your on a walk and Kirishima grabs your hand. You..
  3. You hear Kirishima and his friends talking about you and Kirishima gets flustered. You..
  4. You and Kirishima are in your room and he falls asleep on your bed. You..
  5. You decided to play a prank on him, what's your plan?
  6. You hear Kirishima talking to Bakugo about you and how he thinks he likes you. You..
  7. It's Kirishima birthday! You..
  8. You got into an argument with Kirishima, he starts to tear up. You..
  9. You find Kirishima beating up a villain in an alleyway. You..
  10. Who do you tell about your crush on Kirishima?
  11. Your in your room alone listening to music and Kirishima sneaks in, he jumps on top of you. You..

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