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My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese anime, adapted from the manga, featuring characters with super-powers, called quirks. Do you ever imagine yourself in the storyline? What would be your quirk? How big a fan are you of MHA anyway? Our quizzes will entertain and challenge you!

Our My Hero Academia Quizzes

  • Which Boku No Hero Academia Male Character Likes You?
    [by: Vixen, rated: rated: 4.45/5, published: Jun 7, 2019]

    Wanna find out which male in BNHA likes you? Well then take this quiz that took me 4 hours to make.. ;-; I was gonna add more characters but my friend told me…

  • Would you go to U.A. or join the League of Villains
    [by: 3ssence, rated: rated: 4.4/5, published: Oct 5, 2018]

    This quiz is based off of the My Hero Academia series and was made for fans of the series to enjoy. Many of the questions require knowledge of events and…

  • Who do you match with My Hero Academia? [Girlfriends]
    [by: FrownerZerod, rated: rated: 4.26/5, published: Nov 30, 2019]

    Hey, weebful men! Are you tired of being so lonely and sad? Well, I made something just right for you! I will guess your match girlfriend in My Hero Academia!

  • Which Boku no Hero female character are you?
    [by: The best loli, rated: rated: 4.21/5, published: Nov 26, 2018]

    Hello. This is a quiz about Boku no Hero Academia. If you answer honestly, you will find out who you would be in the anime, ye (including all girls of class…

  • What MHA Character Are You?
    [by: FrownerZerod, rated: rated: 4.15/5, published: Nov 30, 2019]

    Want to know who you are in the MHA franchise? This quiz features 10 great character results.

  • What would your My Hero Academia quirk be? (original quirks)
    [by: A Bored artist, rated: rated: 4.11/5, published: Dec 25, 2019]

    The possible outcomes are Magnitude, Emotion, Bone Manipulation, State-Changer, Fallen Leader, Smog, Ear-Fists. This is based on personality/logic. If you…

  • Which quirk should you have?
    [by: LilBit224, rated: rated: 4.11/5, published: Dec 20, 2017]

    There are many quirks in the quirky world, but have you wondered which quirk you would have? There are many possibilities, including one for all, all for one,…

  • My Hero Academia quiz (Anime)
    [by: Callum Maidment, rated: rated: 4.05/5, published: Jul 28, 2017]

    A quiz about the My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia anime, up to the first season and the first half of the second season, have fun and see how much you…

  • Which Quirk would you have?
    [by: Callum Maidment, rated: rated: 3.96/5, published: Jul 29, 2017]

    Ever wonder what quirk (superpower) you would have if you existed in the world of My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia? Well wonder no more with this little…

  • Who's is your My Hero Academia Villain Boyfriend?
    [by: _MyHeroAcademia_, rated: rated: 3.91/5, published: Jul 14, 2019]

    Hi and welcome to my Who's is your My Hero Academia Villain Boyfriend? Now before I say anything, I need to say that Himiko Toga is a possible result, and I…

  • How Well Do You Know My Hero Academia?
    [by: Kiwitheweeb, rated: rated: 3.83/5, published: Oct 2, 2018]

    This quiz is pretty simple and kinda easy. However it will boost you ego just like Bakugou. No that's terrible, but enough with that take it already!

  • MHA Quirk Generator: What's Your Quirk?
    [by: Ren, rated: rated: 3.71/5, published: Mar 8, 2019]

    Get assigned a quirk, great for OCs as well as yourself! For fans of My Hero Academia.

  • How well do you know Boku No Hero Academia?
    [by: Suki, rated: rated: 4.6/5, published: Jan 29, 2020]

    Test your knowledge on the anime Boku No Hero Academia! This quiz will let you see just how much you know about BNHA. PLUS ULTRA!

  • Are You A True My Hero Academia Fan?
    [by: FirstBlackKage, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Dec 10, 2018]

    I am a huge anime fan. I've watched many anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Pok√©mon. But my all-time favorite anime is My Hero Academia, made by Kohei…

  • Which Boku No Hero Academia character are you?
    [by: Plaqq_Tikki_GO, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Jun 14, 2019]

    In this quiz you will be finding out which Boku No Hero Academia character you are! If you answer truthfully you might just be surprised at your answer!

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