How well do you know Boku No Hero Academia?

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Test your knowledge on the anime Boku No Hero Academia! This quiz will let you see just how much you know about BNHA. PLUS ULTRA!

There are season 4 spoilers, so if you haven't watched it, then don't take this quiz. You won't know some of these answers. Other than that, have fun testing your BNHA knowledge!

Created by: Suki
  1. Who is the protagonist?
  2. What's All Might's quirk?
  3. What school rivals U.A. High?
  4. Who's in love with Mr. Aizawa?
  5. What is Aizawa's first name?
  6. What villain in the league admires Stain the most?
  7. Who is Overhaul's daughter?
  8. What is Sir Nighteye's quirk?
  9. Who has the tape arms?
  10. Who is "Fancy"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Boku No Hero Academia?