What would your My Hero Academia quirk be? (original quirks)

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The possible outcomes are Magnitude, Emotion, Bone Manipulation, State-Changer, Fallen Leader, Smog, Ear-Fists. This is based on personality/logic. If you don't like your outcome, lie and try again.

I kinda wanna see what everyone gets, considering that these are not normal quirks. It's for a manga I wanna make. Seeing if characters would get positive feedback.

Created by: A Bored artist
  1. What do you value most in a fight?
  2. Are you sympathetic?
  3. If given the chance, would you save someone's life but yours would be in danger?
  4. Would you risk your career for your dreams?
  5. If you saw someone being mugged, what would you do? Be honest.
  6. Soba, or udon?
  7. Bakugo Or Deku?
  8. Manga, or Anime?
  9. Alright, weird one coming up- Are you pervy like Mineta?
  10. AFO or OFA

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Quiz topic: What would my My Hero Academia quirk be? (original quirks)