Baku No Hero Academia Quirk generator for O.C's

Hello there, in this quiz you will answer ten questions, to figure out what your O.C's Quirk is. There are ten possibilities For their Quirk that you can get. !!!!!!

Also, all of the Quirks were made by me so you won't come across any of them in the anima or Manga, but I hope everyone can enjoy this quiz so have some fun!!!

Created by: Forgotten morals
  1. What is your O.C to society?
  2. What is your O.Cs personality?
  3. What is your o.c's family-like?
  4. Who is their Favorite Hero
  5. Who is their Favorite Villain?
  6. Who would they date out of the following?
  7. What is their Favorite color
  8. Do they have a mental disorder?
  9. Are you having fun (Optional )
  10. Are they in a relationship?

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