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Heya! Welcome to the "Your MHA quirk generator"! Where you will get to answer some questions about stuff which will lead to your inevitable demise- I mean... Quirk... ANYWAY-

Simple questions like "Favorite specie" is here, so no pressure on whatchu need to answer, lol. Just answer honestly, or if you're making a character, answer how they would!

Created by: _Shonen-Lover_
  1. Who's your favorite character?
  2. Favorite specie?
  3. Who's your favorite hero?
  4. What's your favorite season?
  5. Are you liking the quiz so far? (no effect)
  6. What type would you like?
  7. Villain AU, Yes or no?
  8. Quick RP! Go! You are walking down the street and get pulled into an alleyway, you turn around and see your U.A Nemesis,who is it?
  9. Quick RP 2! Go! You are exiting the mall after buying a whole bunch of Anime Merch, and suddenly you encounter a villain! They kidnap you and you must fight them to be free, who is it?
  10. Ready for results?

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