What Quirk Do You Have?

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A quirk isn't just a power, it's a part of you! See what yours says about you today :) With ten possible outcomes, learn if you have a quirk with raw power, or a quirk that depends on your creative insight.

(You ever stay up hours past your bed time and feel regret, but not enough to stop before you completely create a brand new quiz? No? Just me? Okay then, thought I'd check.)

Created by: Shadow
  1. First of all; if you had a quirk, would you mostly use it for yourself, or for others?
  2. What would you say your home life is like?
  3. You got in trouble at school, and it's because:
  4. How do people view you?
  5. Okay; if you could control what quirk you get, what kind would you expect?
  6. You wake up in a strange room, surrounded by random objects. Something tells you to choose at least one item. You pick:
  7. How would you try to improve your community?
  8. What kind of job do you want to work?
  9. You just experience quirk discrimination, and it was because:
  10. You've stayed up way too late making a quiz about quirks, it's going to be rough waking up tomorrow. Your strategy is:

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