MHA Quirk Quiz (original Quirks)

You will answer 8 questions that will then determine your quirk, this is just for fun and all the quirks have been made by me so I apologise if any of them seem bad or disappointing.

You should answer the questions honestly as it help's determine your quirk better, you should take your final result with a grain of salt as this isn't very realistic and is, again, just for fun enjoy.

Created by: Hedgeboy
  1. Who do you prefer?
  2. Which anime do you prefer?
  3. Aizawa or Shinso?
  4. Who is more dangerous to you?
  5. Dog or cat?
  6. Which metal would you choose?
  7. Which power most appeals to you?
  8. Who is your favourite mha character out of these 4?
  9. Which UA class is your favourite?
  10. If you had a quirk what would you use it for?

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