Which "Little Witch Academia" Character Are You?

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You must like Little Witch Academia, right? Of course you do! Or you wouldn't be taking this test! But which character are you most tuned to? Which are you most like?

Cheerful Akko, soft-spoken Lotte, creepy Sucy, sassy Amanda, hard-working Constanze, lovable Jasminka, popular Diana, or stern Professor Finnelan? Find out now!

Created by: PuppyDog1525
  1. You're bored, and you've got nobody to hang out with. What are you most likely to do?
  2. You're on vacation, and you're trying to decide what to see first. What do you choose?
  3. You are trying to decide on a book to read. Despite what they might say, you judge the books by their covers. Which one would you pick?
  4. You go to a restaurant, and are trying to decide on what to eat. What do you pick?
  5. You have a friend who caught a cold. You want to bring them a get-well present. What do you bring them?
  6. Describe yourself in one word.
  7. Describe yourself in another word.
  8. Out of these superheros, which is your favorite?
  9. Out of these anime genres, which is your favorite?
  10. Of these animals, what would you want for a pet?

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Quiz topic: Which "Little Witch Academia" Character am I?