What you would be to Bakugou Katsuki

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This quiz will see what Bakugou would see you as. From a posible partner to friends to an annoyance. I have done quite a bit of research on his character and his type of personality. He is an ENTJ-T.

To get the best results don’t lie. Don’t press the answers that you think will give you what you want- you’ll be lying to yourself. Don’t get hurt on what you get, this is just my interpretation on this character.

Created by: Angie
  1. (Part 1: Personality) Are you patient?
  2. Do you have goals for the future? (Are you ambitious?)
  3. Do have a plan and actively continue to reach these goals?
  4. Are you truthful? (You don’t sugarcoat or hide what you are thinking.)
  5. Are you organized? (Schedule for the month, clean room, etc.)
  6. Are you confident?
  7. Do you procrastinate?
  8. Do you think logically or with feelings? (There isn’t a “right” answer.)
  9. Are you open minded?
  10. Do you respect others boundaries?
  11. Are you clingy?
  12. Do you like to small talk or talk about shopping and gossip?
  13. Are you emotional?
  14. Are you able to handle criticism?
  15. Do you take care of yourself? (Hygiene and mental health)
  16. (Part 2: Character) Are you a hero, villain, civilian or an anti-hero?
  17. Do you like to listen to Metal?
  18. Do you like to workout and/or do sports?
  19. Are you an early bird or night owl?
  20. Can you handle being yelled at?

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