which MHA girl has a crush on you

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Find out which MHA girl has a crush on you!this is a quiz to see which MHA girl has a crush on you! i hope you enjoy this quiz and its all for fun! this took a while so i really do hope you like it!!!

ever wondered which MHA girl would have a crush on you? find out here! (that sounds cringe im sorry) im not sure what to put in this so....... now, he wants to start talking...''go ahead'' while im walking....face the lie that im hawking....no, don't wanna won't happen....pope is a rockstar....

Created by: The_happy_sunflower
  1. what is your hair color?
  2. what's your favorite color?
  3. what's your favorite song?
  4. what's your aesthetic?
  5. what's your favorite animal?
  6. what's your favorite time of day?
  7. who would you like to get? (won't affect your answer)
  8. what's your favorite type of clothing?
  9. are you a clingy person?
  10. (last question) what's your favorite drink?

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