Who is your My Hero Academia Villain Boyfriend?

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Hi and welcome to my Who's is your My Hero Academia Villain Boyfriend? Now before I say anything, I need to say that Himiko Toga is a possible result, and I know she isn't a boy, but she is a villain and so yeah!

I hope you enjoy this quiz. If you want a link to my other quiz for, What is your Quirk here it is, don't forget to check it out! - [no urls] On it the quirks I have are ones not seen before, so play it to see your unique one-of-a-kind quirk!

Created by: _MyHeroAcademia_
  1. Choose a quirk!
  2. You have been waiting for a while now to join the League, now is your time! How will you get them to notice you?
  3. (Scenario time) Shigaraki has accepted you into the league, everyone thinks little of you except...
  4. Shigaraki has Dabi off on a mission elsewhere, he has instructed you to lead The Vanguard Action Squad that night, how will you lead?
  5. The mission was a success! Everyone is chilling but you cant help but Dabi, Shigaraki and Kurogiri arnt back yet what do you do?
  6. You have come across a U.A Student, Who are they?
  7. With your dangerously powerful quirk, it looks like you have a big advantage how do you win?
  8. How powerful would you say your quirk is?
  9. What's your favorite Season?
  10. Your Villain costume has to be something good, pick now!
  11. Pick a personal trait you want in your partner.
  12. Who's your favorite Pro Hero? (some from the manga)
  13. Thanks for taking this Quiz! Who do you want?

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Quiz topic: Who is my My Hero Academia Villain Boyfriend?