Is your villain a mary sue?

There's a bunch of notorious mary-sue hero characters. But a villain can suffer in the same way, from similar symptoms! From being a love-interest magnet or overpowered, a villain can be a mary-sue just as easily.

Is your villain a mary-sue,an overpowered or extremely talented character, or are they an anti-sue, an over-flawed character? Get an easy check-up here.

Created by: none of your business
  1. Do you spend a full paragraph describing your villain's appearance?
  2. Is your villain particularly attractive?
  3. Do their plans always or almost always succeed?
  4. Does your villain seduce one of the heroes? (Select "No" if the hero developed a crush on their own accord in a roleplay.)
  5. Can they seduce people on a consistent basis?
  6. When describing your villain, do you use more poetic terms than with other characters, such as raven locks or amber orbs?
  7. How mentally stable is your villain, on a scale of 1-5?
  8. Is your villain similar to a cartoon villain? Specifically, are they consistently there, but rarely a real or major threat?
  9. Does your villain take murder lightly?
  10. Is your villain particularly snarky?
  11. Does your villain have any powers? If so, how many of the chosen? (Magic only counts for "Other".)
  12. Is your character a genius by definition? (Extremely large IQ)
  13. Does your villain come from another universe from which the story takes place?
  14. Does your villain share any of these characteristics with you? - Name (Variations included) - Physical appearance - Political and/or religious views.
  15. Do you view your characters as tools? Or as friends and/or children?
  16. When role-playing, do you prefer to have a love story, or a plot that furthers character development?

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Quiz topic: Is my villain a mary sue?