Is Your Original Character a Mary-Sue?

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A Mary-Sue is an original character who is invincible in most ways possible. They are often immortal, have good looks, etc. Some people call male overpowered characters Gary-Stus, but personally I like calling them Mary-Sues, too. ;)

If you are worried that your original character is a Mary-Sue, or perhaps someone told you they are, I suggest you take this quiz. Are you a good writer? Have you avoided making a Mary-Sue? It's time for you to find out!

Created by: Pony Plorta
  1. How would you describe your character's appearance?
  2. Do they dress very nicely, or how you dress/want to dress?
  3. What was their past like?
  4. Was your character named after you, or do you sometimes go by their name? Or does their name have ANYTHING to do with your name?
  5. Does your character use modern or futuristic items such as a phone, a radio, or a television even if your character lives in a different time era? Disregard this if your character is not on earth, or lives in modern times.
  6. Is your character immortal, or has a very long lifespan?
  7. Does your character share your interests? (Hobbies of yours, perhaps a job you have or would like to have, etc.)
  8. How many people fall in love with your character?
  9. How does your character's story end?
  10. Is your character an orphan, adopted, or is there anything really weird about their birth or where they were raised?
  11. Does anyone who ticks off your character instantly die or get beaten up, or in any other way learn their lesson in short order?
  12. Have you added a big flaw or two to your character? A flaw is something wrong with your character's personality- for example, in real life, one of my flaws is that I can be really rude to people for no reason.
  13. Does your character have any disabilities or illnesses that are often an obstacle for them?
  14. Is your character a werewolf, a vampire, or a similar mythological creature?
  15. Is your character an incredible singer, or plays an instrument really, really well? Disregard this if they have been practicing their whole life.
  16. What is your character's popularity like? And I don't mean at school- I mean in general.
  17. If they have a battle with a villain, do they defeat the villain rather quickly?
  18. Is your character's name a noun? (Wolf Song, Blue Crystal, Singing Bird, Love Wish, etc.)
  19. Is your character a prodigy at many things?
  20. Does your character have a Japanese name regardless of not being at all Japanese?
  21. Is your character a Percy Jackson style demigod even though your story is not a Percy Jackson fanfiction?
  22. Is your character from a planet that does not have any life on it? (Plants included.)
  23. Has your character "reformed" a villain?
  24. Can your character heal themself and others? (Even if it's only a common cold, they'll do it out of generosity.)
  25. Does your character have amazing powers that nobody else in the story has?
  26. Do animals instinctively love your character?
  27. Is your character VERY strongly based off of a character from a TV show/book/movie you like? (It's perfectly fine to get inspiration, of course, but we're talking like practically a genderbend.)
  28. Does your character have several different "forms"? (Kind of like Super Saiyans.)
  29. Do any of these match your character? (For female characters. Pick "no" if your character is male. Scroll down for the male one.)
  30. Do any of these match your character? (For male characters. Disregard if your character is female.)
  31. Does your character have a "dark side"?
  32. Does your character use a sword in a futuristic world?
  33. Why did you make your character?

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