Is Your Original Character A Mary Sue?

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What is a Mary Sue, precisely? In short, it's a character in a fanfiction, roleplay, story--anything!--that is just a bit too perfect, and readers get tired of such perfect adventures. Trust me, you've seen them. This test is for your original fiction characters, and a great way to test for a Mary Sue!

The test may seem a bit long, but don't worry, it's quite simple! Just answer as honestly as possible, and receive your very accurate result (in my opinion)! There's even some tips on how you could make your character a bit more believable. I don't have any credentials, but I've always loved literature; I'm an aspiring writer like you. Without further ado, plunge deep into the Mary Sue test, and get one step closer to the perfect story!

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
  1. Let's start with the basic information about your character. How old are they?
  2. Are they your age or around your age?
  3. Is your character your gender?
  4. Lady characters only! What is her hair color? (Skip if your character is an animal, we'll get back to them)
  5. A continuation of the list above.
  6. Gentlemen only! What color is his hair?
  7. A continuation of the above.
  8. Let's take care of the animals now. What type of animal is it?
  9. Is your animal's coloration commonly found in the rest of its species? (In your story, that is)
  10. Now we come to the questions that can be answered by everyone! Is your character the most popular (or one of the most popular) in its group or community?
  11. Conversely, is your character an outcast?
  12. Is your character just an average Joe on the social ladder?
  13. Is your character a member of royalty, related to the Alpha, or similarly connected to those in positions of power? (Click 'no' if your book is just all about royals or similar)
  14. Is your character THE highest position of ruler or leader possible in the story?
  15. Does your character very much fit a stereotype, such as prep, skater, goth, jock, etc.? (It counts if they fit a stereotype unique to the story)
  16. Could your character be considered 'rich'?
  17. Is your character extremely good at a certain musical instrument, singing included?
  18. How many magical, mysterious, or signature items does your character possess? (A book of spells, an enchanted pendant, or a trusty sword are common examples)
  19. How many other characters have some sort of romantic relationship with your character? (It doesn't apply if your story takes place over several decades or a lifetime)
  20. How many characters find themselves infatuated with your character, but they never date?
  21. Please describe your FEMALE (or the equivalent in your story) character's body type. Many Mary-Sue-esque traits can emerge here, so please just choose the option that best fits her.
  22. Please describe your MALE (or the equivalent of male in your story) character's body type.
  23. Is your character able to smoke, drink, or take part in similar activities despite being underage?
  24. Does your character have money for frivolities (such as gadgets, high-end clothing, etc.) while having little to no income?
  25. How many 'normal' animals does your character have as companions? (By 'normal', I mean one your could expect to see as a pet)
  26. How many 'unusual' animals does your character have as companions? (Meaning a creature you wouldn't normally see as a pet.)
  27. Does your character have the ability to fly by themselves when this is unheard of in their community?
  28. Can your character use 'magic', when this is virtually unheard of in their community?
  29. Does anyone very much disapprove of your character's morals or actions in general?
  30. Does authority punish your character noticeably more/less than they would to most of their peers?
  31. Does your character regularly use a weapon either impractical or very out of place in their setting? (Like a sword in our society, or a ray gun in the middle ages)
  32. Does your character have little to no scars, even though they continually battle?
  33. How many unusual scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or similar thing does your character possess?
  34. Please select the option that best fits your character's name.
  35. Does your character share most/all of your religious or moral beliefs?
  36. Is your character prone to starting fights?
  37. Is your character constantly told how physically attractive they are?
  38. Is the ending 'happy' for your character?
  39. Is your character a 'furry', with a human body and just the tail, ears, fangs, of the creature?
  40. Is the character accepted into a group, even though they do not fit the age requirement or a similar requirement?
  41. Does your character pick up an essential skill super fast?
  42. Does your character make a habit of sharing profound advice?
  43. How many languages does your character FLUENTLY know?
  44. If I asked you what your character's relationship with their paternal grandfather is, could your readily answer?

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