Is Your Character a Mary Sue?

Mary Sues. The most annoying, uninteresting and a nightmare to all character creators/writers and the people who read about them. They are obviously way too perfect to be considered "human"-someone whom we can relate to, and can only exist in mere fiction. And here you are, questioning if one of your characters is one or not. Mary Sues are difficult for inexperienced and normal people to detect these days, because they hide their Sue traits so well by being portrayed as good-looking,"really cool","badass" and flashy characters. However, one thing they can do nothing about is how wrong and bored we feel after observing them for a while. Ok, shall we begin hunting some Sues?

Have you ever wondered whether YOUR character is compelling and realistic enough to deserve other people's care, in other words, not a Mary Sue? This quiz here will help you find out that very answer. (Might apply to both heroes and villains) Also, brace yourself buddy. This quiz is quite long, but the more questions there are, the more accurate the result will be, right?

Created by: MapleKemon
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  1. Does your character's name consist of a noun(s)?
  2. Is your character a teenager or younger/older?
  3. Do you think your character is good-looking? (Your character is ONLY as good-looking as how you draw/design him/her. Therefore, even when you describe them as "the most gorgeous in the world",if you can't represent their beauty on a picture, they're just as average-looking, or even ugly to others.) So are you confident about how you think your character's looks is?
  4. Was he/she a normal child with normal parents?
  5. Does he/she have a tragic past?
  6. Is he/she entirely/mostly based on YOU?(your life,name,nickname,age,appearance,likes/dislikes,phobias,beliefs/religions,etc)
  7. Is he/she easily corrupted(if had a bad past)?(Choose No if he/she doesn't have one)
  8. Does he/she have 3-4 realistic FLAWS(and 1 of them is a big one/most noticable) (A flaw is something that makes it more difficult for your character to achieve his/her goals,NOT benefit him/her,It is called "flaw" for a reason)
  9. Does your character look realistic to his/her species?(If your character is from another world/universe/,but HAS traits of any animals of Earth,like a cat for example,your character is STILL counted as a species of Earth)
  10. How many other characters fall in love/have a crush on him/her?
  11. Does he/she ALWAYS save the day?
  12. Has he/she ever died and then restored to life again?
  13. What is his/her relationship's status?
  14. Are there prophesies about your character?
  15. Does he/she have strange eyes/eyes colors which are unsual to their species?
  16. Does your character appear their age?
  17. Has your character ever done really bad things(killing,murdering,kidnapping,torturing,etc) that MUST be punished by the rules/laws of the society/government?But got away from it easily/no one(especially the government) even bothered to stop and capture him/her,etc
  18. Is your character the LAST/ONLY of something?
  19. Is he/she (just about) the best/strongest ever at anything?
  20. Is your character (secrectly)related to a/the villain/hero?
  21. Was/Is your character's parent(s) some sort of admirable,well-known,legendary,good-looking hero(ine)/leader/high-ranked of some sort?
  22. Do you go all your way adding things to your character's looks and story to make him/her seem really "cool", "badass" and edgy?
  23. Does your character (almost) always win at everything,like fighting for example?
  24. Is he/she some sort of "The Chosen One"?
  25. Is he/she allowed to join something despite NOT being qualified at all to join it? (Just for the sake of the plot or because he/she is "special")
  26. Does he/she master skills/fighting techniques in just a short amount of time?
  27. Does he/she stand out the most among all of your characters?
  28. While creating/developing your character, do you take lots of time to think about his/her design, personality, past, mental disorders, life, career,etc and research carefully about them?(Creating a Mary Sue is super easy,but creating a truly compelling and believable character takes real hard work and efforts)
  29. Has your character done anything that is considered "stupid","unintelligent" and makes others like "Seriously?"
  30. How is your character's relationship with others around them?
  31. Does your character have emo hair?(Be honest please)(hair over eyes,non-humans with human hair,stuffs like that..)
  32. Does your character go from someone who's in a low rank/the lowest-rank,peasant,is looked down on by everyone or isn't that important and respected TO the strongest,high-ranked,leader,head of something,most well-known and admirable by others or stuffs like that?
  33. Is your character (very)good at at least 1 thing?
  34. If someone says they don't like/dislike/hate your character,will you be offended?
  35. Do you often describe your character as "handsome"/"beautiful"/"good-looking" and try to make it really clear to your readers/others that your character is that gorgeous?
  36. Do your character's flaws give him any disadvantages and make things he does more difficult and challenging?
  37. Do the characters who had hurt/opposed/done bad things to your character EVENTUALLY meet a cruel fate (like being killed for example)?
  38. How attach are you to your character?
  39. Does your character have any dreams/goals in life he wants to achieve?
  40. Does your character have a REAL personality/likes/dislikes/hobbies/etc or just pure bland?
  41. How intelligent do you think your character is?
  42. Does he/she have unusual fur colors, markings, spots, patches or anything that is NOT normal for his/her species' appearance?
  43. Have you been honest throughout this quiz?

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