Is Your Star Wars OC a Mary Sue?

Are you a budding fanfic author who is writing a Star Wars one? Are you unsure if your original character is a Mary Sue, or a character that is too perfect and a stand in for a reader insert?

Do you have a Star Wars character you invented? Are you unsure if they are a good character, or just an annoying Mary Sue? This quiz may not be entirely accurate, but it's worth a shot.

Created by: Jaina
  1. Is your OC human? Humanoid? (Eg: togruta, clawdite, mirialian, twi'lek) Or not?
  2. Hair color?
  3. Is their hair dyed?
  4. Are they related to a canon character?
  5. Any facial markings?
  6. Is your character described as 'pretty, hot, or beautiful'?
  7. Eye color?
  8. If the eye color is unnatural, what color is it?
  9. Can your character use the Force?
  10. Home planet?
  11. Do they know their family?
  12. Do they have a tragic past?
  13. Are they in a relationship with a Canon character?
  14. How many friends do they have?
  15. Are they a self-insert?
  16. What's they're age group?
  17. Does she have a lightsaber, and if so, what color?
  18. How many powers does she have?
  19. Does she have any flaws?
  20. Do you think she's a Mary Sue?

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Quiz topic: Is my Star Wars OC a Mary Sue?