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  • 5%

    I'm writing some random little stories about my characters who are pretty much just normal people. I did this quiz about the "kind of protagonist but not really".

    Her parents died in a car crash when she was two years old so her god father adopted her and her twin brother. They are both aware of what happenned to their parents and who they were so there isn't really a big reveal where they find out about it.

    This character is basically a child genius who is obsessed with astronomy, space, paradoxes and the universe in general. I admit that that is one of the only similarities between this character and I. She's pretty plain looking, blond hair, brown eyes and lot's of freckles. Her flaws are that she's a loud mouth, doesn't know when to stop, she can be a bit sassy at times and she is frequently in trouble at school even thought she is a good student. The best way to get her to do something is to tell her that she can't do it, which is something she learned from her god father. (Her god father is also a genius, he's a professor at an university and he teaches science, math, astronomy and physics which is one of the reasons this character is so into that sort of stuff. Neither she or her brother call him dad since he never wanted them to do so)

  • My OC... she’s actually meant to be the daughter of the Candyman... but not as crazy. She’s 0% Mary Sue! Good job, Derry. You aren’t a Mary Sue. :>

  • YAY 11% procent gary sue XD


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