The Mary Sue Test For Original Fiction

There are Sues, Stus, normal people, and Anit-Sues and Stus. What is your character like? WARNING: THIS IS FOR ORIGINAL FICTION ONLY! Please enjoy! Its my first quiz.

You will soon find out if your character qualifies as a disgusting sue or not. This quiz is your answer to everything, this is the perfect quiz if you wanna know.

Created by: Dani Grimm

  1. What color hair does this character have (female only)
  2. What color hair does this character have (female only)
  3. What color eyes
  4. Hair color (Male only)
  5. How old is this person
  6. Does it look its age?
  7. Whats its race
  8. Does this character act or dress like you at all?
  9. Do you want to be this character?
  10. Do you hate it if someone hates your character?

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