Best Mary Sue test

There are a lot of questions in this Mary Sue test, which makes it a better test since the results will be more accurate. Wonder if your OC is nothing but A Mary Sue/ Marty Stu or how about a Plain Jane/ Plain Zayn.

What if your character is in between a Plain Jane and a Mary Sue. Those are the best characters in my opinion! Just find out and also make sure you answer truthfully!

Created by: sKullkittehs
  1. Does your character have an odd hair color without it being dyed?
  2. Does your character have odd colored eyes?
  3. Des your character have any scars, pimples, or freckles (even though I think freckled are cute)
  4. Let's say she or he does. Do people in the story ignore it and say she or he looks beautiful/handsome anyways?
  5. Do you describe their hair differently then just a color. (Example: she had long, shiny ebony black hair)
  6. How is their body? Are they VERY muscular or VERY thin?
  7. If they are a girl then how are her breasts?
  8. If she/he is depressed then is it a HUGE problem or a tiny problem that nobody really cares
  9. Do they have a tragic story?
  10. Does your character speak Broken Japanese. (Kawaii, Baka, Konichiwa)
  11. If your character hates a certain person do all the other characters hate him/her too.
  12. Do you describe your character as better then another harasser (Faster than Rainbowdash, prettier than Hatsune Miku, and smarter than Tails the fox)
  13. Do you use a celebrity or a popular band to describe anything about your character (singing voice, looks, strength)
  14. Is your character in a relationship with a character that already exists (Sasuke and Ms. OC)
  15. Is you character shorter or taller for his or her age?
  16. Do you switch characters point of view to describe the good things about your OC?
  17. Do you use lots of ad entices to describe your OC (handsome, cute, pretty, beautiful)
  18. Are there a lot of boys or girls that fall for your character?
  19. Do you wish you looked like your OC
  20. Does your OC share the same interests as you?
  21. If your OC has problems do they destract her/him from their life?
  22. If your character have any special abilities how many do they have?
  23. Does your character have a companion?
  24. Is your OC a cross breed with anything (a witch crossed with a vampire or a cat crossed with a dog)

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