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  • That test isn't so great, though it might help detect the most terrifying cases of sue-ism. Even The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test, which is the most complete test I've found yet, is still lacking in some ways. Just saying the character looks like a Plain-Jane/Zayn because she/he doesn't have most of the things you could find in a Sue is just too subjective.

    Also, there are too many orthographic and grammatical mistakes in your test to take it seriously (For example, the sentence "Do you describe your character as better then another" should be written "better thAn another").

  • This is a really good test! yet I do see some slight flaws but thats okay! Just like how a character needs some flaws to be good, nobody is perfect (unless you wanna be a mary sue) but some things I saw that maybe you could add more answers, like the one where it said "Does your character have any powers? If so, how many?" I thought maybe you could add something like like "A lot, but it's normal where they are from" kind of like how my OC is a gardian angel. (and also I don't kno why but this kinda messed with me but it's spelled kon'nichiwa, but whatever, I am from Japan so I just got kinda triggered lol)

    Mizuki Koneko

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