Is Your Warriors OC a Mary Sue or Plain Jane?

Thank you for choosing this quiz! A Mary Sue is a character that is all too perfect and beautiful, and you don’t want them to be that! But a Plain Jane is a character that is boring and has nothing interesting about them. Take this quiz too see if your OC is one of these, or is a nice, good character!

Below there will be some questions to help find if your OC is good or if they need to be changed. Please answer truthfully or you will not get an accurate result. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Cecilia

  1. What is the gender of your OC?
  2. Does the name of your OC contain any of the following?Diamond/Ruby/Jewel or other gemstonesMetal/Iron/Nickel or other metalsWind/River/Shadow/Thunder/Sky if in canon clans, Star/Moon/Spirit or other things cats don't know about.
  3. Do they have wings, or horns, or rainbow fur, or unnatural colored eyes or anything like that?
  4. Okay, the big question. Do they have powers?
  5. What’s their rank?
  6. Are they an unusually good hunter and/or fighter for their age.
  7. I didn’t put this in the ranks I’m sorry. Medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice?
  8. Anything like they took a mate from another clan, they’re a medicine cat and they took a mate, they’re half clan, they grew up as rogues, etc.?
  9. Do they need food and water?
  10. Role play time! Your leader is pinned by an attacker’s and is about to die, but so is your mate. You can only save one. Who do you save?
  11. When your cat dies will they go to StarClan or the Dark Forest?

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Quiz topic: Is my Warriors OC a Mary Sue or Plain Jane?