Mary Sue Triage

Your character could easily become a feared and dreaded Mary Sue. This short test can help you figure out if your character needs real help or if your jut needlessly worried.

Don't become one of these authors who makes excuses for their characters. If this Triage says you should seek more help for your character you really should do it.

Created by: WarSong
  1. Is this Character named after you or have you adopted this name for yourself?
  2. Is your characters looks based on your own?
  3. How would you describe your character?
  4. How does your character dress?
  5. Does your character have special abilities, items or weapons that do not fit the story?
  6. Is your character a mismatch to the story?
  7. What kind of temperment does your character have?
  8. How does your character interact with animals/pets and machines?
  9. How quick can your character learn new things?
  10. Your character was just given an item from another character..

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