PS Mary Sue Litmus Test

Welcome to the PS Mary Sue Quiz. This is a test to see how many cliches your Planshift character has accumulated. Over time the test may be redone as I think of more cliches to add. Feel free to answer the first two questions as you want since I can't remove them and didn't put them there to begin with. They have no affect on the test.

This is by no means an official test. Just somethign I decided to fool around and make. In the event that you don't know what Planshift is, you can look it up at Enjoy! :)

Created by: Illysia
  1. Ok, you have a character... Does your character have a background?
  2. Ok, so you're character has a background... Is it angsty
  3. Ok... Were any of your character's family killed in the past?
  4. Does your Character hate all of a certain PlaneShift Race?
  5. Is your character evil/bad/less than good?
  6. Is your character a thief?
  7. Does your character mine platinum all day and all night for a living?
  8. Does you character spend hours on end killing the same monster over and over again.
  9. Does your character running around shouting frequently?
  10. Does your character just fight wherever they are?

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