Invader Zim Mary Sue test

I don't know of any Invader Zim Mary Sue quiz. So I made one! It's really long, 30 questions! I hope you enjoy it! I worked hard and I had to look up a lot of qualities a Mary sue had. And I have to say, they are pretty annoying!

Have fun on your test! I hope your character isn't a Mary sue unless you want it to be! Good luck and also if you know of any other Invader Zim Mary sue tests then let me know of it!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. Before you start, this is for girl characters so yeah.
  2. If she's an Irken does she have something unnatural about her? (Fairy wings, cat ears, or a tail, etc.)
  3. Does she have a three letter name?
  4. How many characters have fallen in love with your character?
  5. Does your character have a big chest even if she is Irken?
  6. Is your character related to the almighty tallests?
  7. What does your character think of Zim?
  8. What does your character think of Dib?
  9. How does your character dress?
  10. Does she have a weird color of eyes (that's not red or purple if she's Irken)
  11. Is her antenna shaped differently than a normal Irken
  12. What is her mission
  13. Is your character related to Zim (Sister, daughter, mother, etc.)
  14. Can your character control any of the elements? (Water, Earth, Air, Fire?)
  15. Do any characters often call your character beautiful or does she get lots of compliments
  16. Do people like your character for no good reason? Be honest! ( good reason: She has same interest as someone. Bad reason: She's pretty, kawaii, awesome, etc.)
  17. Are Tak and/or Gaz nice to her?
  18. Is she Ms. Bitters favorite?
  19. Do they randomly know things about the character? (Scar: I killed Mufasa! Your Character: I knew it!!)
  20. How old are they?
  21. Are you okay if someone "Flames" your character
  22. Have to ever had a cartoon crush on any of the characters?
  23. Does any of the characters have any sexual stuff happen?
  24. Is your character an Irken or human?
  25. Does she have a tragic past?
  26. Does she have any scars
  27. Does she save the day
  28. Does Lots of guys like her? Not just the main character
  29. If it isn't a three letter name, does her name describe her personality? (Say her gets mad a lot and her name is Omette which means mad)
  30. Does your character have a part of her past that is important and for some reason she can't remember.

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