Is your Invader Zim OC Mary Sue? (Irken)

Mary Sues have swept the internet for generations, but never as bad as they have wrecked the Invader Zim fandom. Being a long running fandom mainly compiled of tweens, we hope to be recognized as a stable and interesting community.

Are you tired of having to explain all of the reasons why your irken OC isn't a Mary Sue? Wait no more! Now you can take this test and rub the score in their faces!

Created by: Nicole
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  1. Your OC's antennae: Do they curl?
  2. Is there a heart anywhere on your OC?
  3. If your OC is an invader, is their uniform different from the standard uniform?
  4. Is their SIR bot... special?
  5. Is your character scarred physically in anyway?
  6. Does your character have any human interests?
  7. Does your character sing really well?
  8. Has a tragedy happened to your character?
  9. Is your OC tall? (Over 5'7")
  10. Do they kill a canon character?
  11. Do they have an odd eye color?

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Quiz topic: Is my Invader Zim OC Mary Sue? (Irken)