Which "Fanon Filter" Would Your Fandom Put You Under?

What if you were a character in a piece of media that had enough fans to classify it as a fandom? How would your fandom view you? Probably very differently from how you actually would be so why not take a quiz to find out?

This quiz was based on ColeyDoesThings' video: "canon to fanon". I just thought the idea was fun and turned it into a quiz. You can find them on youtube where they make a lot of fandom content.

Created by: Kira
  1. Do you have a good heart?
  2. Do you care a great deal about your friends?
  3. Do you work hard and are determined to be the best you can be?
  4. Are you not the best at talking with people?
  5. Do you try to get out of social situations as quickly as possible?
  6. Are you a very blunt talker?
  7. Are you usually more on the mature side?
  8. Do most people consider you to be a mentor figure?
  9. Do you somehow always end up being the one trying to wrangle up a bunch of other people to make sure they don't get hurt?
  10. Do you think you are going to be/are you successful?
  11. Do you sometimes have issues with your confidence especially when seeing other people's work?
  12. Do you wonder about your potential sometimes but are still determined to be great?
  13. Do you have a nice voice?
  14. Do you have good hair?
  15. Do you have a bit of a cocky personality?
  16. Are you a leader type of person?
  17. Do you take the initiative in deciding how something should be done?
  18. Do you sometimes end up yelling at people?
  19. Are you always happy to chat with other people?
  20. Are you a pretty positive person?
  21. Do you always want to help people when you can?
  22. Are you always busy with work and responsibilities?
  23. Do you try to be quick and efficient in everything you do?
  24. Are you prone to panicking when things go off-schedule?
  25. Are you pretty good at what you do?
  26. Do things usually happen to work out for you?
  27. Are you struggling with internal issues?
  28. Do you have any mental conditions?
  29. Do you frequently threaten people?
  30. Are you a relatively violent person?

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Quiz topic: Which "Fanon Filter" Would my Fandom Put You Under?