what jjba character are you

have you ever wondered who you are most like from jojo's bizarre adventure? wonder no more, take this quiz, and you will get fairly accurate results. there are many characters. who will YOU get?

this quiz covers some of the characters from jojo's bizarre adventure: stardust crusaders. have you ever liked a character, and wondered if the reason you like them is because you two have similar traits? in just a few minutes, once you complete this quiz, you will find out!

Created by: fluffy
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  1. do you like food?
  2. which of these words describe you best?
  3. what are your weaknesses?
  4. do you care about your clothes and appearance?
  5. what is the most noticable thing about yourself?
  6. a bunch of people are head-over-heels in love with you! what do you do?
  7. choice of weapon?
  8. why are you going after dio?
  9. favourite food?
  10. someone is dying! what do you do?
  11. you are severely injured. what do you do?
  12. you might die in the battle you are about to fight. you...
  13. are you weak?
  14. someone has predicted the future, and has seen that you die very soon. what will you do about it?
  15. if dio gave you a good enough reward, would you abandon your allies for him instead?
  16. you are in a life or death situation where you can save your friend, or you can save yourself. whatever you choose, the other will die. what do you choose?
  17. how protective of your family are you?
  18. favourite colour?

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