How much of a Mary Sue is your character?

There are many Mary Sues in the literary world, and everyone has met them plenty of times. However, you may not be so sure as to whether your character is a Mary Sue or not.

No need to fear! This quiz will tell you if your little lady is a Mary Sue and will tell you ways to improve (which are laced with some rather rude sarcasm).

Created by: Nikki
  1. Does your character have an unnatural hair color or hair colors that change over time? (say no if dyed)
  2. Is your character drop dead gorgeous and has all the boys at her feet?
  3. What eye color does your character have?
  4. Does your character have magical powers in a place where they are not allowed?
  5. How many boys has your character dated?
  6. Does your character have a perfect life?
  7. Is your character a replica of yourself but better?
  8. Can your character sing or play an instrument exceedingly well?
  9. Have people called you a Mary Sue before?
  10. Does your character transform a villain into a good guy?
  11. Does your character have more than three words describing her?
  12. How good are your grammar and spelling? (choose a sentence that best fits your grammar)

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Quiz topic: How much of a Mary Sue is my character?