Is your fanmade OC a Mary Sue?

Just to say I don't own the trademark of Mary Sue. I also do not mean to hate on original characters or their creators. Nor do I claim to be an expert on the subject of Mary Sues.

However, I think everyone has the ability to improve. This quiz is meant for fanfiction original characters. Though if you wanna try the quiz out for an original story character go right on ahead.

Created by: ZoomZoom

  1. Does your character share your gender?
  2. Does your character share your name or nickname?
  3. Does your character share the same age group as you?
  4. Does your character have an unusual eye color in comparison to the other characters?
  5. Is your character a relative of an existing character?
  6. If a relative of an existing character how are they related?
  7. Is your character a different species than the rest of the cast?
  8. Is your character the sole survivor of genocide or tragedy be it from (a clan, species, town, etc.)?
  9. Does your character wear the same clothes as you or wear clothes you wish you could wear?
  10. Do you use poetic terms to describe your character (i.e. "Raven locks" or "Amber orbs")?
  11. How many characters fall in love with your character?
  12. Is your character from a different universe or time period than the rest of the characters?
  13. Is your character of nobility or royalty?
  14. Is your character immortal?
  15. Does your character have an underlying disability or weakness?
  16. If you answered yes to the previous question does the weakness or disability disappear when convenient?
  17. Is there any resentment shown to your character's parental figures?
  18. If you answered yes to the previous question is there a reason for the resentment?
  19. Do you sometimes pretend to be your character? (Disregard if the only time you do this is for writing or developing character)
  20. Do you take offense to people who dislike tour characters?
  21. Do you treat your character like they are your own child?

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Quiz topic: Is my fanmade OC a Mary Sue?