Is Your Character a Mary Sue?

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Is your character a Mary Sue? This in depth quiz can help you find out. After all, the first step to recovery is accepting you have a problem (or your character in this case).

This quiz is intended to be used to diagnose original characters for original stories. While it may work for fan characters, I recommend you take another quiz because the results may be inaccurate.

Created by: Stelluna of Stelluna's Writing 101
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  1. What kind of name does your character have?
  2. Is your character a teenager?
  3. Is your character particularly skilled for their age? (ex. your character is just barely a teenager, but they are really skilled at fighting, etc.)
  4. Does your character come from royalty or nobility?
  5. Does your character have a tragic past?
  6. Does your character's tragic past frequently come up in the story?
  7. Is your character the sole survivor of a great tragedy, genocide, or the last of a family or species?
  8. Was your character raised by someone other than their parents for any reason? (ex. they're adopted, an orphan, a runaway, they were abandoned, they were kidnapped, etc.)
  9. Did your character watch their parents or other loved others die?
  10. Has your character ever been responsible for (or thought they were responsible) for the death of a loved one?
  11. Does your character come from another country, world, or universe than the other characters?
  12. Is your character spoken of in prophesies?
  13. Is your character a "chosen one?"
  14. Does your character ever "just know things" that they shouldn't know?
  15. Does your character have any particular special powers?
  16. Does your character have powers that could be considered supernatural? (ex. talking to or seeing ghosts, talking to animals/nature, etc.)
  17. Does your character have any special item that they get their power(s) from? (ex. an amulet, a ring, a staff, a gem, etc.)
  18. If you answered yes to the last question, do they ever lose it or does it ever fail on them?
  19. If your character has any powers, do they have drawbacks?
  20. Is your character extremely physically strong?
  21. When compared to other characters in your story's world, is your character among the strongest?
  22. Would you say your character is a god or "god-tier?"
  23. Is your character a popular recognizable mythical creature like a werewolf, vampire, fairy, mermaid, etc?
  24. Is your character any type of "kemonomimi" (person with animal ears)?
  25. If you answered yes to the last question, is your character at all affected by their animalistic features?
  26. Does your character have unnaturally colored eyes or eyes with unnaturally occurring traits? (ex. color changing, sparkling, pupils are a strange shape, etc.)
  27. Does your character have heterochromia? (both eyes are different colors)
  28. Does your character have unnaturally colored hair?
  29. Does your character have multicolored hair?
  30. How many colors are in your characters color scheme? (excluding their skin tone)
  31. Would you consider your character to be the "every man?"
  32. Is your character generally liked other characters?
  33. Do other characters frequently gawk over or compliment your character?
  34. Is your character particularly handsome or beautiful?
  35. Is your character the target of affection from others?
  36. How many characters are in love with your character?
  37. What is your character's outlook on life?
  38. What does your character want most in life? (pick the one they want most)
  39. Is your character extremely innocent or naive for their age?
  40. Would you say your character is "pure of heart?"
  41. What are your characters thoughts on morality?
  42. Has your character ever been able to befriend and reform a villain?
  43. On a scale of 1-5, how smart is your character?
  44. Is your character really witty and always has a quip to come back with?
  45. Has your character ever snapped under pressure?
  46. Does your character ever die while saving someone, but get brought back to life?
  47. Does your character ever, at any point in the story, die and get brought back to life?
  48. Have they ever failed while setting out to accomplish a goal? (ex. fighting a powerful enemy, retrieving a macguffin, etc.)
  49. Has your character ever had to rely on the help of others to overcome a situation?
  50. Does your character have mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, multi personality disorder, or any other similar disorder?
  51. Is their mental disorder(s) used as a way to excuse crimes they have committed or strange behavior?
  52. Does your character have any flaws that make things hard for them or other characters dislike them for?
  53. Does your character have any small flaws that could be considered "cute" or "quirky?" (ex. they're shy, they're too pretty, they giggle when they're nervous, etc.)
  54. Does your character change as a person throughout the story?
  55. De-Suifier: Do you ever poke fun at your character's flaws or use them to progress the plot?
  56. De-Suifier: Is your character 40+ and looks their age?
  57. De-Suifier: Does your character ever act petty, selfish, lazy, or pointlessly cruel for no other reason than their own benefit?
  58. De-Suifier: Does your character fall in love, only to get rejected?
  59. De-Suifier: Does your character get over their tragic past with the help of another person/lover?
  60. De-Suifier: Does your character have a fear that they can't overcome at a crucial moment?

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